6 Elements of a Good Martial Arts Business Plan

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Martial Arts Business Plan
6 Elements of a Good Martial Arts Business Plan

Learning martial art will take you discipline, willpower, and persistence. And guess what? These are the very things needed to be successful in your business. Running a Martial arts School must be a cakewalk for being an accomplished martial artist, right?

But sadly, success as a martial artist doesn’t always translate into success being a dojo owner. The very truth is, to be successful in running a dojo, you may not only know what you must do but also what you must not do.

So What Are Elements Of A Good Martial Arts Business Plan?

To start a business, you must first believe that nothing will work for itself. You can not let luck work and be hopeful that everything will go your way. Here are some ideas on identifying your customers, designing offerings, setting goals, going about martial arts marketing, and many more things that you require to succeed in running your dojo.

It is a gold mine of information that you can avail of and find helpful in building your own Martial arts business.

1. Executive Summary

To be very sure, running a martial art school or dojo isn’t cheap. You will have a lot of expenses, and then there are other financial risks. For a smaller business, these risks may be very considerable. But there is also the privilege of not being anybody’s employee. The chances that you can reduce by careful planning.

Some of the ideas in this article will be helpful or sure, but the number of businesses that overlook these very simple steps when planning their business is surprising. So let us dive into it and review the elements of having a successful martial arts school. A business plan template can help you out too.

2. Business Description

Martial arts is the second to only to gold, in terms of the total number of new participants in the last decade. The average fees that every student pays may total $600 per year — also, considering that this capacity of having a typical dojo is 200–300 students. You may potentially earn reviews that are $120,000 — $180,000 every year for the dojo from recurring memberships alone.

In addition, one-on-one martial training is also becoming very popular. Serious students are also prepared to pay upwards of $40 every hour for this personalized training.

It is one great way to get what you want from your Martial arts business, but you need to have a vision of what you want to achieve. This also starts with goal setting. Goal setting is an entire process of thinking of an ideal future and taking steps to make this future one reality. Goal setting is like a compass that points you in this direction for where you wish to go in life.

3. Market Analysis

The ideal market and customer is the one that lies at the heart of any marketing strategy. Once you have identified who requires or may be interested in the services you are offering, designing your marketing material and developing your pricing plans also becomes intuitive and very easy.

Get specific when you begin, you are a small business, and the most general tendency is to reach out to as great of a target audience as possible. Resist the temptation of marketing everyone — your ideal customers inst every individual and family in the community or city. You may want to get specific on your market segment.

4. Create demographic profiles:

Break the ideal customers down by all of the demographics. Following the list that you might want to consider in your demographic breakdown. Not all that will be relevant based on how you pitch the services you are offering.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Region
  • Income

5. Create the Psychographic Profiles:

Psychographics is also the study of values, interests, personality, lifestyles, attitudes, and opinions. This information also helps you understand why someone might want to take martial arts classes. You will have to have a business plan template to ease everything out.

6. Define each of your programs in your Martial Arts Business:

Once you get an idea of your ideal customer and market, you may start designing the service packages, pricing, plans, timings, and classes. You already would decide the types or type of martial arts you will be giving.

Now it is a matter of the structure you are offering to this situation and the needs of an ideal customer. You can even layout a business plan sample for students.

You can give them different packages and also different timings for these packages. The prices of these packages may also be different. For example, suppose you are allowing kids or teens. In that case, you may include mat chats where you will be teaching the philosophy behind martial arts.

Tell some story or anecdote on a famous person linked to martial art, and teach respect and humility. You may also use some fun drills at the end of class to have some fun and then relax and talk everything out.

These are some of the Elements of a good Martial Arts Business plan. One of the most important things is martial arts software. It is considered an important element in many martial arts businesses. You can get the Martial Arts Software from Black Belt Membership Software with exciting features and affordable prices.

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