6 Ways To Increase Your Member Retention of you Martial Arts Studio


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If you ask your business leader or the founder what their martial arts business goals look like, their answer will likely be growth. When considering business growth, you might think that acquiring new members is the main key to success. Although having new members is great. But testing out on acquiring them to grow your business is not always as beneficial and cost-effective as you might think.

This is because the process of identifying, qualifying, and then nurturing the leads to then convert them into paying members needs a huge amount of resources. So instead of only focusing on acquiring new members, start hitting your growth goals. You should invest the time in retaining your highest value and low effort assets that are your existing members.

Based on the factors that make your business super unique, acquiring new members may cost you five or 25 times more than retaining the existing ones. So how can you increase your member retention?

1. Elevate your Member Experience to Awesome:

The member becomes aware of the need to make every decision after this. The whole member journey is just abundant opportunities to deliver exceptional CX, which translates into the loyalty you may buy. To make your member experience just awesome, you will have to follow these stages:

· Awareness

· Consideration

· Decision making

· Retention

These steps will always help you get yourself from the lowest to the highest valued member retention. You will start having the benefits needed to make the most from anything you already have.

2. Start a Podcast:

Starting a podcast can be very beneficial for your martial arts business as it can let you grow your relationship with your ideal members. When you are on with them for a certain time, you can let them see through your services and let themselves get enrolled in your programs. You can, this way, maintain a direct link to revenue and get thought leadership that will be useful in many of your business aspects.

There are very high retention rates for businesses that also do podcasts and grow their business in this way. This inexpensive method will bring you attention retention and help you make sales or enroll more and more members. You can even get original research through your podcasts as well.

3. Engage your member’s social media:

When you have the power of social media to use, why keep running on the treadmill yourself? You can bring these platforms to your use greatly by getting engaged with your members online, getting a peek through their personal lives, and knowing about different issues they have in your programs.

You will be able to improve accordingly and get ahead of your competitors. Social media is a strength to conquer the world if you know how to tame it in your way.

4. Get Feedback your members:

Just like having feedback in products selling companies is needed, your martial arts business needs the same. It would help if you got started with doing your best to get members’ feedback politely and let them know anything about your programs and what they think is lacking.

You can encourage them to share their side of the story or initiate competitions that bring more people into your martial arts programs.

5. Refer Friend incentives:

You can also give small bonuses and prizes to your current members on referring your program to friends. This will be encouraging for your current members to work for a prize, and they will start doing it very keenly as well. You can use it for all of your members that are currently your members, and this way, you will be in a win-win situation for you.

6. Create compelling member Success Stories:

Your members or members might be coming out of your studio with some of the greatest stories to tell, or maybe heading towards making some stories and sharing them with you after that. This is one of the perks of teaching and schooling once you have success stories of your current members.

You will attract more people looking forward to joining a certified place to help them be useful in the coming future. These were some ways to increase your member retention, enjoy its perks, and build up a stronger foundation for your martial arts studio.

You need to always keep in touch with your community to suggest when you are on the right path or are deviating from it. These are the ways to increase your member’s retention.

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By: Rocky Catala

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