The Six Things You Need To Open A Martial Arts Business.

Starting Martial Arts Business

Articles of incorporation and tax Id Number:

· Protect your assets

· Increase your tax options and have benefits

· Increase your business credibility

An LLC is the US business structure that combines the corporation’s limited liability protection with only simplicity and pass-through taxation of the sole proprietorship. Limited liability also protects the business owners’ assets if the business is sued or defaults on a debt.

The main LLC cost is a state filing fee that ranges between $40 and $500 based on your state. You will have to run an academy of martial arts with ideal planning. There are two options for forming the LLC for your martial arts studio.

· You may hire one of the top LLC services to set up the LLC for only a small fee

· Or you may use the free form an LLC guide to do it all by yourself.

LLCs are simple and inexpensive ways to protect personal assets and save money over taxes. It would be best to form an LLC when there is any risk included in your business or when the business may benefit from tax options and increased credibility.

By starting the LLC for your martial arts studio, you can:

· Have more tax benefits and different options

· Increase the business credibility as well

1. Develop a business Planner:

A strong martial arts business planner must include:

· An executive summary

· Business description

· Market strategies

· Competitive analysis

· Design and development plan

· Operations and management plan

· Financial factors

Most martial arts entrepreneurs are in it because they love art. Most of you don’t have extensive knowledge of marketing strategies, but this won’t mean it is not an important part of the martial arts school business plan. Martial arts school may be highly competitive, and without the exact marketing, your prospects might be signing up for another business.

2. Summary about (8 elements of a Martial Arts Business Plan to link back to this )

· Executive summary

· Business Description

· Market Analysis (Including Demographic)

· Define each of your programs in your martial arts business (as an example, your martial arts classes, after school, summer camps, day camps, and other programs)

· Organization and Management Structure

· Sales & Marketing Strategies

· Funding

· Financial Projections

3. Find a location:

· The neighborhood it is, higher-income areas will let you charge a lot more per student but will also have a higher rent at the same time.

· Easy access to public transport and the parking mainly in areas which are only accessible by car

· Proximity to the residential areas. Most of the members will also be coming from home, mainly the junior ones. The further away you are from your house, the less likely they are to be checked out

· Competition in your area — are there any existing schools in your area? Are they training in the same discipline as you? It may be hard to compete against one established location if they have a strong reputation.

4. Marketing Planner:

· Be consistent in posting

· Be relevant

· Be timely

· Be present

· Be accessible

5. Find how you are going to Management your business:

Everything from mat purchase, equipment costs, installation and labor, and even the lighting. Monthly costs include utilities, rent, professional, payroll such as bookkeeping, or the management software. Plan how you can meet and exceed the costs with a reasonable timeline.

6. Use a Martial Arts Membership Software:

You can also find the top martial arts software to help you in your business. There are many schools using software for fitness martial arts classes.

The Martial Arts Business Warrior Blog

By: Rocky Catala

Membership & Marketing Solution Expert



The Marketing and Martial arts software for martial arts school owners by Business Management is a powerful, easy-to-use.

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The Martial Arts Business Warrior

The Marketing and Martial arts software for martial arts school owners by Business Management is a powerful, easy-to-use.